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Eye dominance is affecting more and more shooters, little is understood why this is, but there is a solution.


The SP (Shot paraboloid) is a unique scientific approach to eye dominance that compliments  everything that is needed in great shooting.

Discreet, reliable and none distracting, while keeping full vision from both eyes, a solution designed by a shooter to solve a problem many suffer from.

The SP creates a unique stimulant to one eye only to ensure the shot picture with the correct eye – right eye for right handed – left eye for left handed. By simply being in the peripheral vision of the eye over the rib only, with focus on the target the SP will work.

Place it to suit your discipline and style see the benefits today.

Your next step towards being a complete shooter

Winning at all levels and in all disciplines

Don't take our word for it..........

Mike Williams Senior CPSA  coach
Mike Williams Senior CPSA coach
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The SP was then fitted to their gun, one by one, and the result was nothing short of miraculous as they all “smoked” the target a lot earlier than they had attempted to shoot it previously and with both eyes open!
Chris Batha Senior coach SNACS, FICSI, FAPSI
Chris Batha Senior coach SNACS, FICSI, FAPSI
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I suggested the SP to a client, installed it (which is a breeze), then spent the day starting on some incoming teal. From the getgo he was centering them, resulting in puffs of dust. It was a transformation from erratic frustration to target eradication.

Proven at all levels medals won from Club to World championships

If you shot at your local club or compete at the major world events the SP has be used and won medals at all levels

Proven to increase consistency and improve scores

Shooters that control their dominance see improved consistency and better averages

Shoot both eyes open with no distraction

Designed to be in your peripheral vision only, this is a discreet, none distracting solution for eye dominance.