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Our testimonials and reviews are from all levels and all disciplines helping to show the SP shooting aid is suitable for all shooters, but don’t take our word for it read through some of our feedback. We are always happy to answer questions and queries so please get in touch.

Installed SP on my Browning CXT yesterday. Practiced 5 mins at home. Went to trap club, shot 22, 22. Experimenting, acclimatizing. Usually, shoot 18 – 20 one-eyed.

Went to trap club today, shot 22, 22, 25. My first perfect score. For me, the SP has been an incredible improvement to my trap game. Two eyed shooting is like a completely different sport.
JC US Trap shooter
I have experimented with SP for myself and a couple of clients and had good results, nothing super scientific, by example rabbits have always been my nemesis, days when I dust them and days when I miss them! When I installed the SP on my shotgun to work with it following the instructions to be able to better help my clients.

I had been diming closing the off eye almost rifle shooting rabbits, the major issue was if there was an unexpected bounce I often overreacted and poked and hoped. After installing the SP I am back to running rabbits with both eyes open and crushing them on all presentations!

I make my living giving instruction on both sides of the pond, after my personal light bulb moment with SP. I had a client who had a strong eye dominance issue, he had been to several coaches over the years and had really good fundamentals, a well-fitted shotgun and had put a lot of time and practice into his shooting.

He had tried closing the one eye, other options, blinking or dimming the eye all worked to a degree but often resulted in erratic scores and frustration. I suggested the SP, installed it which is a breeze, then spent the day with him, starting on some incoming teal, from the get-go he was centering them resulting in puffs of dust. For two days we worked on sporting, skeet, and trap!

It was a transformation from erratic frustration to target eradication. I am a layperson, I do not know how it works but I know that it does work! I have since been suggesting it to both shooting friends and clients alike.
I have tried many products for my eye dominance issues with little satisfaction. For the past year, I’ve successfully shot with both eyes open using a sight blinder, which helped me with mounted targets. However, the blinder did not help me with low gun shots or FITASC, which is my main passion. I came across the SP, contacted Steve at ShootSP to see if the SP would help, which he assured me it would.

I tried the SP with small expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. The record below shows the initial results I obtained through its new and innovative approach to eye dominance. It is really simple and non-intrusive, which the sight blinder and other ‘fixes’ can at times be. It has certainly given me more confidence and consistency in my shooting and scores. With the highlight so far achieving Ladies Silver medal at the ICTSF World Championships in Ireland, July 2019. I have taken on the SP for coaching at ASK Sporting Clays, LLC. and am seeing amazing results.

I attached the SP to my gun a week before the US Open (May 8), shot 400 practice rounds with it and had great results:
May 14 US Open FITASC tied for 3rd Place
Lady, 2 targets behind 1st Place
May 15 US Open Long Bird FITASC Lady Champ
June 2 Cedar Creek, Lady RU with a 90
June 8 Hopkins Game Farm 5 Stand Lady and Veteran Champ 45/50 FITASC Lady and Vet Champ
June 15 North Central Regional, Super Sport Lady Runner Up (45/50)
July 4 ICTSF World English, Ladies Silver Medal & Prelim Lady RU
July 21 Buffer Creek, Pa State Championship, 5 Stand and 50 bird report Lady Champ, FITASC Lady RU
July 28 Schraders Blue Crab, Lady RU 87
August 4 Owens Station, 90, Lady Champ and 5 Stand Lady Champ
August 18 Cedar Creek Woods & Main, Lady Ch and Lady RU
Andrea Seefeldt Knight
I have been involved with the SP project from the very early stages as Steve the inventor started his shooting with us and we have coached and mentored him since. When his eyes deteriorated and he developed the SP I was interested as my eyes had weakened over the years. I was able to test some of the early demos and saw an immediate effect on my Game and Sporting shooting.

My main competitive shooting is now DTL and after missing the England team this year I felt my solution for DTL wasn’t up to the task anymore – as most shooters will know you don’t change when things are working, I felt my scores were struggling and even though it was mid-season felt I needed to test the SP at DTL earlier than planned.

I saw an instant impact at my first couple of shoots before heading for Bywell and the European weekend, there I promptly shot a 100 / 298, 197 /588 and picked up a vets European Bronze. I can say the SP has had an immediate impact on my shooting and I feel I have belief in the gun again after struggling with the picture I was seeing. Highly recommend for all disciplines!.
J Barnett Mickley Hall Shooting coach
(Multiple England Badge holder)
Along with testing my rather nice Briley chokes, I tested the SP. Now, I am definitely Right Eye Dominant. However, in the past year, I have missed targets for no apparent reason. And analyzing what could I have done wrong, I realized my ‘picture’ was not quite right. I have always shot both eyes open, but intermittently, I am now seeing the left-hand side of my barrels. Strange, yes, age maybe, hormones lol, who knows! I was interested in knowing more about the Shoot SP and how this little gadget worked. Steve kindly sent me some to try out, and test. Today I put it on my K80. Well, an initial picture without, again I could see left-hand side. Applied SP, and got quite a strange picture. So I went to Notts and District Gun Club today, to try on Skeet. Targets I know how to shoot. I never looked directly at the SP but it was in my peripheral vision at all times. 25 balls of soot, and no sight of the left-hand side of the barrel. I can truly say, I’m well impressed. I am that impressed, I shall be selling this ingenious bit of kit, and have demo SP’s available, for my clients to test. So if you are having eye dominance issues, please get in contact!!
Becky Mckenzie Clay Shooting Coach
Eye dominance problems solved with both eyes open! I have been coaching a good number of years and consider the biggest single problem experienced by shooters is how to solve their eye dominance issues. Closing the offending eye loses them their three-dimensional picture, any form of depth perception and is particularly problematic with a straight-driven target as it disappears behind the barrel when applying lead. Using occlusion foil or tape is successful in some cases providing the shooter can accept it in their vision all the time, partially so in others but there are a great many that are uncomfortable with it saying that it distracts them and that they are unable to concentrate on the target as they are focussing on the tape/foil. Some even try to look around it and consequently get an immediate (and catastrophic) disconnect from the target. I was extremely fortunate in being invited to observe the innovative SP (Shot Paraboloid) in action with a group of shooters, all of whom had varying degrees of off-eye dominance problems and one with an intermittent issue. They started by attempting to shoot a straight driven target with no eye dominance correction and all, without exception, managing to miss it up one side or the other. The SP was then fitted to their gun, one by one, and the result was nothing short of miraculous as they all “smoked” the target a lot earlier than they had attempted to shoot it previously and with both eyes open! I have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone who has an eye dominance issue and I have already added it to my “toolbox” of solutions, it has certainly earned its place.
Mike Williams
Fellow of the Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors. Senior CPSA Coach, Tutor, and Assessor. Clay Target & Game Coach.
Being a right-handed shooter with left eye dominance I have been experimenting with the SP. I have 2 Browning B725’s so have fitted one to mine, the difference is amazing. With both eyes, open mounting the one with SP aligns with my right eye whereas, the one without aligns with my left. It’s going to take a lot of practice to get used to the new sight picture after 50+ years, but this could be the breakthrough for those with cross-eye dominance. I have SHOOTSP’s on stock and coaching versions for temporary fit so clients can experience the effect for themselves.
Dave Brown DBC Leisure
BASC, APSI accredited coach, BASC mentor/trainer
I have returned to shooting after a long break, some 12 years. I immediately noticed my eyes had deteriorated and I was struggling with some dominance issues or older eyes. I wanted a discreet solution that would control my eye but not draw me to the gun. I had come across the SP in a couple of articles and thought I would give it a go. I can’t believe the difference it has made, giving me confidence in my shooting again and has even helped me achieve 2nd in class at the Jack Pyke English open this year, Highly recommended
Chris Hill
I have struggled with eye dominance for a number of years. Holding my thumb up the side of the gun, tape on glasses, etc, etc. Nothing really worked. After fitting the SP I have found this as worked well and with more practice the better it is getting
P Haworth
My scores improved immediately. Left eye dominance for a right-handed shooter pretty much sorted. Now for some serious practice!
Jo Knapper
See great results with this product
Jeremy Baker
My scores have gone up dramatically. On average 10 targets.
Jim Symms
Hi just getting to grips with the SP great start lost it in the middle but getting it back had a good day Thursday sticking with it definitely works, great bit of kit
Robin Snape
Had very good results and feedback. This product works!
Marcus Webb
CPSA, APSI, and ISSF (Skeet) qualified coach
Scores have definitely improved using the SP with PB’s over the last six months in a 50 bird (49) and 100 bird (93) ESP competition.
Nigel Lane
A great start on my first attempt with my SP fitted by Scott Barnett (Mickley Hall shooting school), I had great results on the left to right targets that I know I would not normally of hit consistently – let’s hope my scores improve now
Mandy Berrisford
The Ladies Clay Shooting League
“The SP has helped my eye dominance, especially when I’m not quite on it or feeling tired. I’ve positioned it so that I see it when the gun is slightly out of my face but it disappears when the gun is positioned ready for shooting. By doing this it gets my right eye’s attention but it doesn’t come into play when shooting targets, taking away any left eye dominance.”

Best results with the SP: 100/100 on skeet and 96 ex 100 ESP (PB and Joint high gun)
Ian Cunliffe
“I have shot for 40 years with an eye closed. The SP has allowed me to shoot with both eyes open all of the time. I now feel that I can shoot to my full potential and have already hit a PB of 92 out of 100 at a reg.

The new shot picture with both eyes open took a short time to get used to, but the benefits are well worth that small amount of work.”

Best results with the SP: ESP 92 ex 100 reg.
Andy Dorman
When I first tried the SP, I was somewhat skeptical, as I didn’t believe that I had any eye dominance issues. I was wrong. The main premise behind the SP is this: can you be certain that you are 100% dominant in the eye you use for shooting?

It has helped me with targets such as Incomers and Crows. I found that I was squinting with my left eye (right eye dominant) most of the time whilst taking the shot. However, after using the SP this didn’t happen. I certainly felt more focused on the target and the upshot of this was that my scores improved. Out of interest, I practiced on the same type of targets with and without the SP on several occasions. Without fail, I felt that the SP helped with target acquisition and focus.
Mr N Lane
AAA (7 England badges) Perazzi Grand Prix champion 2018, Owner Mickley Hall Shooting school, Nantwich


Type of coaching: All clay disciplines Sporting, Fitasc, Trap and Game

Years Shooting: 25 years
Time coaching the SP: 6 months

What are the advantages of coaching with the SP:
“The SP is our coaching solution to solving eye dominance in shooters who want to shoot with both eyes open. We have seen great success across all levels of shooters – from beginners right through to a shooter who has moved up to AAA in ESP. We have shooters who see an instant change, but if a shooter has been shooting for 20 years with one eye closed, a little time is needed for them to cope with all of the new information they are getting from having two eyes open. I would recommend everyone to try it.”
Scott Barnett