What is The SP ? Shot Paraboloid,
and how does it solve shooting eye dominance

The SP is a discreet removable profile fitted to the barrel of your gun, that will provide consistency in your shooting and control eye dominance.

The SP is a simple profile that maintains a constant stimulant (shape) in your peripheral vision for your eye – it works automatically and subconsciously. If you have a stimulant in your peripheral vision the brain will favour the input from that eye - overriding the impact of eye dominance

It’s sole function is to be seen in your peripheral vision during the setup.  This will ensure the brain, hands and eyes work together reducing any influence from eye dominance – ultimately leading to better, more consistent shooting.

The SP is visible to one eye only (e.g. Right eye for right-handed shooters) creating a visual reference in your peripheral vision with focus away from the gun, You will go on to develop the shot with this information naturally. This will allow you to shoot with 100% focus on the clay – keeping both eyes open throughout the shot. The shot will be developed from the eye over the rib, giving you consistency and confidence on every shot.

The SP starts to work as soon as you begin your set up, engaging the eye without your knowledge, your only job is to ensure the SP is in your peripheral vision during the setup. As you call PULL the SP will have done its work and you can shoot naturally without distraction. 

How do I know
the SP will work
for me ?


Point using the index finger of the hand that holds the forearm of the gun at an object in the distance and focus hard on it. Do you see two fingers in your peripheral vision (the parallax effect)?  If so, the SP can help your shooting. If you only see one finger, close each eye in turn. When the finger jumps from the object, the eye you’ve closed is the dominant eye (but only for this test – this may change on a static gun or for a moving target). If this is the eye opposite to the side on which you shoulder the gun, you have cross-dominance. The SP will help ensure the eye over the rib is building the shot picture irrelevant of the which eye is stronger or more dominant.

The SP is the only shooting aid that allows you to shoot with both eyes open and controls your eyes in a gun up or down position.

Science has shown that dominance in your eyes can swap and can continue to alter. This is why many misses occur.

The SP works best when always in view during the ready position often out of view once mounted, the SP is helping the brain to establish the correct image to use, with both eyes open there are always two images even if you aren’t always aware. Once the gun is mounted, you can trust that the lead is from the eye on the gun – so if your technique is sound, you’ll have the best possible shot.

shooting with the SP Shooting Aid fitted

Guide to gun down shooting with the SP


Make a change.

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Designed, manufactured and produced in the UK and available Worldwide.

Also available in USA $64.99 + Shipped from our US fulfilment centre

See the Results after the SP is Fitted

with Steve Randles, Inventor of The SP

J Barnett Mickley Hall Shooting coach
Multiple England Badge holder
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I have been involved with the SP project from the very early stages as Steve the inventor started his shooting with us and we have coached and mentored him since. When his eyes deteriorated and he developed the SP I was interested as my eyes had weakened over the years. I was able to test some of the early demos and saw an immediate effect on my Game and Sporting shooting.

My main competitive shooting is now DTL and after missing the England team this year I felt my solution for DTL wasn’t up to the task anymore – as most shooters will know you don’t change when things are working, I felt my scores were struggling and even though it was mid-season felt I needed to test the SP at DTL earlier than planned.

I saw an instant impact at my first couple of shoots before heading for Bywell and the European weekend, there I promptly shot a 100 / 298, 197 /588 and picked up a vets European Bronze. I can say the SP has had an immediate impact on my shooting and I feel I have belief in the gun again after struggling with the picture I was seeing. Highly recommend for all disciplines!.
Becky Mckenzie Clay shooting coach
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Along with testing my rather nice Briley chokes, I tested the SP. Now, I am definitely Right Eye Dominant. However, in the past year, I have missed targets for no apparent reason. And analyzing what could I have done wrong, I realized my ‘picture’ was not quite right. I have always shot both eyes open, but intermittently, I am now seeing the left-hand side of my barrels. Strange, yes, age maybe, hormones lol, who knows! I was interested in knowing more about the Shoot SP and how this little gadget worked. Steve kindly sent me some to try out, and test. Today I put it on my K80. Well, an initial picture without, again I could see left-hand side. Applied SP, and got quite a strange picture. So I went to Notts and District Gun Club today, to try on Skeet. Targets I know how to shoot. I never looked directly at the SP but it was in my peripheral vision at all times. 25 balls of soot, and no sight of the left-hand side of the barrel. I can truly say, I’m well impressed. I am that impressed, I shall be selling this ingenious bit of kit, and have demo SP’s available, for my clients to test. So if you are having eye dominance issues, please get in contact!!
Dave Brown DBC Leisure
BASC, APSI accredited coach, BASC mentor/trainer
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Being a right-handed shooter with left eye dominance I have been experimenting with the SP. I have 2 Browning B725’s so have fitted one to mine, the difference is amazing. With both eyes, open mounting the one with SP aligns with my right eye whereas, the one without aligns with my left. It’s going to take a lot of practice to get used to the new sight picture after 50+ years, but this could be the breakthrough for those with cross-eye dominance. I have SHOOTSP’s on stock and coaching versions for temporary fit so clients can experience the effect for themselves.