SP Shooting Aid for Game and Pheasant Shooting

in the game field

If you struggle with the straight driven bird or you've noticed your shooting dropping off during the day then you may have the evidence you need to consider looking for a solution.

labrador with bird in mouth game shooting

Pick an object across the room (at least 8ft) or in the distance outside.

Using the index finger of the hand you hold the forend keeping both eyes open, lift the finger and point at the object. Now close the eye that matches the side of the finger you have lifted. Are you aligned – if so great you have a good indicator of strong dominance, If not, read on.

If the index finger is slightly to the left (right-handed shooters) or slightly to the right (left-handed shooters) with two equally strong fingers in your peripheral vision then this is indicating central vision or equal dominance.

If the finger jumps to one side away from the object this is an indicator of cross dominance where the eye opposite to the shoulder you mount is the stronger eye.

The SP stimulates the eye over the rib and will correct these results – if your eye is aware of the SP in your peripheral vision you will naturally place the gun correctly as if you have no dominance issue.

Most shooters don’t have a fully dominant eye and will see two sets of barrels in their peripheral vision, This can make the execution of the shot difficult due to the confused picture you see. The result is poor gun placement and a poor shot.

‘Focus on the bird’ is a term we all have heard during our early days – but if you are struggling to reference the gun in your peripheral vision then gun placement becomes difficult with extra time needed for you to take the shot.

When you can reduce the time to bring the gun and bird together you can start to improve your technique and your bag will start to improve.

The introduction of the SP will reduce and even eliminate the problems you are having which come from the off eye image confusing you and ultimately slowing the shot.

Simply the SP creates a unique picture to the eye over the rib, it has been designed to do this in your peripheral vision so your focus can stay on the clay. There will be a small profile unique to one set of barrels, this will identify the correct barrels much the same as if you had one set of barrels in your peripheral vision – like a shooter with no dominance issue. (they will have one set of barrels from their very strong eye and a ghost or no image from the eye off the gun).

Initially, it’s important to build your trust in the lead and not to question the shot, otherwise, you will look at the gun or stop your swing to check. Use clay targets like an incomer or teal before progressing to more difficult presentations for practice.

The SP will only be effective if it can be seen solely by the eye over the rib – the eye on the same side that you shoulder the gun.

To make a real change to your game shooting, you need a reliable way to control your eye dominance. The SP will give you confidence in all of your shots – so no need to fear the straight driven bird again.

Being small and discreet the SP doesn’t affect the aesthetics of a beautiful game gun. On a true driven bird, the SP ensures you can stay focused on the quarry, whilst you know that the gun is trained on the bird. Use of the SP by game shooters has seen great results. Shooters no longer need to squint or shut an eye but can concentrate on their technique – and they’ve commented on the surprising results they get from using the SP.

Tested and proven on all types of guns including side by side guns it is real solution probably being used by the shooter on the next peg filling the bag.

Shoot SP Hints & Tips for Game Shooting

  • It is important that you focus hard on the bird don’t check the “picture” or the SP, always focus on the bird
  • Practise makes perfect (but always ensure that the gun is empty). The SP controls eye dominance, and dry mounting in front of a mirror will help you to become familiar with seeing it in your peripheral vision. You must be comfortable with the SP in your peripheral vision when you’re shooting.
  • Shooting for the first time. With both eyes open, the gun barrels will appear double when looking at a distant object. This is the parallax effect and is perfectly normal. However, only one of the barrels will have a visible SP.
  • Initial use of the SP. This is best on high crows, slow incomers, driven and teal targets as these will show how to control the eye with the SP, allowing better hits.
  • It’s important to be able to see the SP throughout the ready position and mount but not once you’re mounted – if you shoulder the gun quickly, it might be worth pausing to ensure that you can see the SP in your peripheral vision.
  • Stimulating your shooting eye. The power of the SP can be temporary, depending on your eyes: so continue to use it to stimulate your shooting eye. If you mount and hold the mount, the ‘off’ gun eye could take over again, especially if it is normally dominant. (During a shot, the ‘off’ eye can take over, typically after five seconds or more). However, the more you work with the SP, the better it will work. You could also position the SP so that it can be seen in the mounted position, but only do this if gun up shooting is needed. If both eyes can see it in the ready position, it won’t work for gun down shooting, A special commission could be the answer. Click here for more information.
  • Low light or dark backgrounds. In these conditions, a glance at the SP will help to engage the eye – but always look down the range before continuing the shot. 
  • Don’t put yourself under pressure! This will be a new technique for you, so you need time to get used to the new approach and the new information, so that you can then become a better shot.

And there’s more…

Although the standard SP will make a great difference to your shooting, a bespoke SP can be even better. If it’s tailored to match your gun to your own specifications, there’s no limit to what can be achieved – even a permanent solution can be fitted.