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Eye Dominance coaching with the SP

Grounds and Coaches

Shootsp is very pleased to announce the following superb grounds and coaches are stocking and coaching the SP. The experience and talent across these grounds

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Preparing for the season

Preparing for the season ahead will be underway for many competitors across all the Shooting disciplines. Should we all be looking to be prepared a

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LD3.0 and beyond

The New year means new opportunities, many businesses are trying to plan for the year after a difficult Clay season, and a short Game season,

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2020 Season review

The year 2020 has been a challenge for all of us and has highlighted the important things we take for granted. The season has been

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TrapshootingUSA article

TrapshootingUSA magazine  Alongside the ClayshootingUSA magazine article TrapshooingUSA conducted testing in the trap arena. The results were the same with a successful outcome and a

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Grounds now opening

As the country begins to reopen with restrictions being lifted there are options to get on to some grounds while practicing safe social distancing. We

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Focus on the future

The start of 2020 has been a challenge so far, our retailers and shooters have found it hard to make progress with our Australian friends

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On a Journey

The SP springs a surprise every week when Micheal Kruger-Davis contacted us not long after the Clay shooting article we couldn’t refuse his offer. We

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End of one season…

The end of August sees the last Major of the year for the clay shooters while the Game shooters are about to get started fully.

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