Fitting and Using the SP

The SP will control the eye the brain favours for information

Gun down shooting

Set up as normal. As you position the gun, you’ll see the SP with your shooting eye but not the other. It isn’t important to see it once mounted.

Always focus on the clay – never the gun. If the SP is in your peripheral vision, it’s working, you will still see an image from your off eye – the side of the barrels don’t worry ignore it and focus for the clay.

Keep both eyes open throughout the shot, the SP will ensure that your brain uses the best information from your shooting eye and isn’t confused by a peripheral image from your other eye.

Familiarise yourself with seeing the SP in your peripheral vision but don’t look at it directly – it isn’t a sight and shouldn’t be used as one.

Smashing clays with the SP

Set-up for right-handed shooter

Smashing clays with the SP

Once you’re happy with this, you’re ready to take a shot. A simple incomer / crow target is a good test: mount and shoot as usual. It’s important to trust the shot, as the image your brain is being told to see is the one with the SP, seen by the chosen eye, so if you have the lead right, you’ll hit the target. Try a teal next or driven, where line is important.

The effects won’t always be obvious on all targets but the SP is always working and ensuring that your chosen eye is used to take the shot.

Gun Up Shooting

Trap and sporting shots have used the SP to great effect. Some have used the SP on the side of the barrel, while others have taken advantage of a personal commission and have had a small, more discreet SP higher on the gun so that it can be seen at all times when mounted.

If the SP is set up for gun down shooting, the eye should be stimulated as the set-up is completed. This will ensure that the chosen eye will control the shot. If there’s a long delay, the ‘off gun’ eye could again take over. The solution could be a small SP, higher on the barrels, that can be seen at all times when mounted.

Enjoy your shooting !