Uncompromising accuracy
Scientifically engineered to
improve your shooting
Total control the SP
enables you to stay in
control of your shooting
Greater confidence
With the SP, you know
that you'll have a true
view of the bird

The SP is a revolutionary
new product for Shooting

An approach never used before is successful in letting shooters keep both their eyes open throughout the shot and not creating unnecessary distraction.

Andy Dorman - Best results with the SP: ESP 92 ex 100 reg.
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I have shot for 40 years with an eye closed. The SP has allowed me to shoot with both eyes open all of the time. I now feel that I can shoot to my full potential and have already hit a PB of 92 out of 100 at a reg. The new shot picture with both eyes open took a short time to get used to, but the benefits are well worth that small amount of work.
Ian Cunliffe - Best results with the SP: 100/100 on skeet and 96 ex 100 ESP (PB and Joint high gun)
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The SP has helped my eye dominance, especially when I’m not quite on it or feeling tired. I’ve positioned it so that I see it when the gun is slightly out of my face but it disappears when the gun is positioned ready for shooting. By doing this it gets my right eye’s attention but it doesn’t come into play when shooting targets, taking away any left eye dominance.
Scott Barnett AAA (7 England badges) - Mickley Hall Shooting school Nantwich
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The SP is our coaching solution to solving eye dominance in shooters who want to shoot with both eyes open. We have seen great success across all levels of shooters - from beginners right through to a shooter who has moved up to AAA in ESP. We have shooters who see an instant change, but if a shooter has been shooting for 20 years with one eye closed, a little time is needed for them to cope with all of the new information they are getting from having two eyes open. I would recommend everyone to try it.
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