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Stay on the clay

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The SP solves eye dominance problems, it will help you improve. If you are a beginner or an established shot the SP can gain control of your eye ensuring the correct eye is always positioning the gun. Stop missing those simple targets. Designed, manufactured and produced in the UK and available Worldwide.

clay pigeon shooting with the SP shooting aid fitted

What is the SP?

The SP is a discreet removable  innovation fitted to the barrel of your gun that will revolutionise your shooting. It is the only shooting aid that allows you to shoot with both eyes open and control your eyes in a gun up or down position.

Science has shown that dominance in your eyes can swap and can continue to alter. This is why many misses occur.


Introducing the NEW SP Products to support the SP Method

The SP Range has been extended to provide focused products for all gun types and styles, extensive testing has created a new range of low profile SPs and developed a new colour. For help choosing the correct SP for you – check out our handy selector tool from the link below.

The ultimate eye dominance solution, solving the age old problem quickly

The SP is a real solution for your shooting

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BIG difference - for a SMALL price

Available through UK and USA retailers as well as online

Who is the SP for?

The SP is for Clay Pigeon Shooters including Skeet, ESP, DTL & FITASC shooting disciplines. Do you feel there is something holding you back in your progress or maybe the scores are slipping a little? The introduction of the SP will reduce and even eliminate the problems you are having which come from the off eye image confusing you and ultimately slowing the shot. 

Use of the SP by game shooters has seen great results. Shooters no longer need to squint or shut an eye but can concentrate on their technique.  

If you are a Coach and want to try the SP, get in touch and we can help you use the SP to get the best results. 

Don’t forget you can purchase the SP direct through this website, from a Coach or one of our Retailers.

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Frequently asked questions

The SP is a discreet removable innovation fitted to the barrel of your gun, that will revolutionise your shooting and solve eye dominance problems. The SP is a shooting aid and is a simple profile that maintains a constant stimulant (shape) for your eye – it works in your peripheral vision. Not as a sight, but as a trigger, effectively guiding which eye is used to help you position the gun.

Absolutely that’s why we have a Money-back 60 day, no quibble guarantee and free technical telephone support.

You can also read through our reviews and watch our tube videos for clarification.

Simply the SP creates a unique picture to the eye over the rib, it has been designed to do this in your peripheral vision so your focus can stay on the clay. There will be a small profile unique to one set of barrels, this will identify the correct barrels much the same as if you had one set of barrels – like a shooter with no dominance issue. (they will have one set of barrels from their very strong eye and a ghost or no image from the eye off the gun).

Yes, the SP is suitable for all gun types and gun up or gun down shooting.

Most shooters don’t have a fully dominant eye and will see two sets of barrels in their peripheral vision, This can make the execution of the shot difficult due to the confused picture you see. Take the test to see if the SP can help. Take this simple test.

Point using the index finger of the hand that holds the forearm of the gun at an object in the distance and focus hard on it. Do you see two fingers in your peripheral vision (the parallax effect)? If so, the SP can help your shooting. If you only see one finger, close each eye in turn. When the finger jumps from the object, the eye you’ve closed is the dominant eye (but only for this test – this may change on a static gun or for a moving target). If this is the eye opposite to the side on which you shoulder the gun, you have cross-dominance. The SP will help ensure the eye over the rib is building the shot picture irrelevant of the which eye is stronger or more dominant.