Shoot SP Goes from Strength to Strength

Griffin Lloyd with the Welsh Pathway shooters
Griffin lloyd

Shoot SP has entered its 3rd month and we are building beyond all expectations.

Having already secured a number of grounds we have further great news as an afternoon spent with some of the Welsh Pathway shooters.  We saw one shooter break his first targets ever with both eyes open shooting off his right shoulder and being left eye dominant – seeing the astonishment in peoples faces is the most rewarding aspect of this business.

The afternoon at Griffin Lloyd shooting ground also allowed Richard Stepney to take a look at the SP and he has now joined our list of coaches using the SP – this will give Olympic Skeet and trap shooters an option to trail the SP.

I was lucky enough this last week to spend some time with some great coaches and supporters of our Sport and this has lead to more supporters of the SP Eye dominance solution. Having support from all corners of our sport validates the effort that has gone into the development and research behind the SP.

This week has seen further customers asking for the SP via our shops and grounds as they watch friends dust targets and want to know more – not quite believing what it can do. If you are a gun shop please get in touch to discuss options.

I would also like to welcome Peter Harris to the list and with his 40 years at Holland and Holland and his vast experience in coaching and the industry he is a great addition to the our list.

Richard Green also joins the list based in Neath and an active BASC instructor and ground owner giving shooters even more options.

Richard Stepney (Wales)

APSI and ISSF qualifications

Richard is part of the Olympic pathway scheme to identify future Olympic Athletes covering the Olympic disciplines. He has experience spanning back through a long career and can help both shooters trying the disciplines for the first time through to seasoned athletes.

Mobile No: 07581328644

Peter Harris (Shropshire)

Senior CPSA and BASC Coach

Coaching at all levels and all disciplines Peter can provide knowledge and experiences spanning back through his whole career including his 40 years working for Holland and Holland. Based in Shropshire, he can often found at the local grounds including WMSG (Hodnet) and refereeing at major shoots.


Richard Green (West Glamorgan)

BASC Instructor

Tel: 01639 701227


Shooting ground: Waun Uchaf Clay Shooting in Neath

I have experience in all types of shotgun shooting including game, rough shooting, woodpigeon shooting, and clay pigeon and we run our own clay pigeon shoot.