New product aids eye dominance control

New product aids eye dominance control

A discreet innovation has been developed that can be fitted to the barrel of a gun to control eye dominance, a key problem for many shooters at all levels of the sport.

The SP was designed to appeal to all shooters from all disciplines and works by telling the brain to use the image that is seen by the eye on the gun, rather than a conflicting image that can come from the other eye. This allows shooters to keep both eyes open during the shot a key element in shooting.

Most shooters suffer from some form of eye dominance issue, which can lead to inconsistent results in both clay and game shooting. Eye dominance can even swap from eye to eye. The SP was designed to combat this. By fitting the component to the gun barrel, a shooter can have total confidence that they’re seeing a true image of the target and that it isn’t being confused by another image in their peripheral vision.

The inventor of the SP, shoots at the top level of the sport. After designing prototypes using the latest 3D print technology, he started using the finished product on his own gun and as a result had his most successful year to date. Other shooters who have also fitted the SP have had similar results.

Retail is £49.99

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