SP for Coaches

Eye dominance affects shooting and can even deter people from taking part. Most shooters are initially coached gun up. The typical placement for the SP is on the side of the barrels more suited to ’gun down’ shooting. However, one option is to raise the SP onto the top barrel. As the shooter progresses, the SP can be placed in the standard position on the barrel side. (Please contact us for replacement tape).


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Gun Down

Shooting gun down or anywhere other than fully mounted will enable the dominant eye to see the SP. The more the shooter uses the SP, the better the results. The ability to trust the SP differs with every shooter, Any training should start with simple incoming targets where minimal skill is needed, and with both eyes open. The shooter needs to understands that the SP must be visible in their peripheral vision right up to the full gun mount. Get them to try this with an empty gun just following the target – it’s very important that they stay focused on the target and don’t look for the SP on the gun. With the SP, a short-term challenge will bring long-term benefits that add real value to coaching. Please contact us if you want to be involved in the Masterclass programme. This will give you access to direct coaching on the SP; how it works; and how it can help your pupils and enhance your business. You’ll also be supplied with various extras that ensure that the Masterclass is the best SP session available. This is a limited programme and once filled won’t be extended.