DTL – Down the Line

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Mid Wales Shooting Centre


Are you looking for that elusive 100/300? What is stopping you? The SP offers the option of shooting 2 eyes open and is the product that DTL shooters are finding effective in improving their performance.

DTL or Down The Line will typically have a gun up / pre-mounted setup. When shooters introduce the SP its impact is often instant, due to the setup repeatable gun mount that is typical of DTL.

Using the SP

The recommended placement of the SP is in a higher position to allow the eye to see the SP when the gun is mounted, this is typically on the top barrel or side of the rib – subject to rib height.

The SP will be visible throughout the setup and hold before calling “Pull” the focus must be on the clay, the shooter must only be aware of the SP – its job is to help the eye over the rib to make the shot and to control any dominance issues.


The standard fitting guide should be used, with the gun mounted, only the eye matching the side you mount the gun (right-hand side for right-handed/shoulder) seeing the SP in the peripheral vision.

Once the shooter is aware of the SP in their peripheral vision all attention and focus must be on the clay and it must stay with the clay until the shot is complete

Hints and tips

Always give yourself time to get familiar with new kit and techniques, some DTL shooters will see immediate performance enhancement, but some alterations in hold may be needed for others.

A common problem is shooters start to overlead the target, typically this is the shooter who has closed or occluded vision. The hold will need to typically be higher as now both eyes are seeing the target – visual pick up will be quicker so the hold point is important to avoid over leading the target.

If other aids are on the gun and you don’t want to remove them straight away tape over them with black tape. The SP works by ensuring the correct eye is aware of the gun and is ultimately used to create the shot picture the focus must be on the clay, not the gun.

I saw an instant impact at my first couple of shoots before heading for Bywell and the European weekend, there I promptly shot a 100/298, 197/588 and picked up a Vets European Bronze

J Barnett