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Getting out Shooting again

The New year means new opportunities, many businesses are trying to plan for the year after a difficult Clay season, and a short Game season. More so than ever the UK industry needs support, our shooting industry is made up of a network of small businesses from grounds to retailers, coaches, and Game estates.

Our vision from the start was to support the UK industry and also to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. At this moment we are dealing with a graphics team in Wales and a local packaging company to introduce a new box which will ultimately allow us to expand the brand range. Our business plans have changed and some elements delayed, the coaching we do has had to stop again and our demo days that allow us to get on a one-to-one basis with customers is currently restricted.

This year will count on customers supporting the sport they enjoy, like may local independent business in other industries without local support retailers and grounds can’t exist, as rules change and adapt big firms enjoy capital to protect themselves and introduce new ways of working. Small businesses often running on small margins of profit are impacted by a change in footfall or changes to working practises, ultimately limiting any growth plans and in some cases their very survival as a business.

Get out and shoot when you can, the industry will need people out shooting, with the future still unclear, we do know that we have protocols in place to allow safe shooting. Like most sports/hobbies the social element is a huge part of the day for most meeting old friends and making new ones. This is of course is much harder now but let’s hope the current path we are taking will let the talk of the ones that got away soon return.

For now support your local shops if they are providing online services or buy vouchers for a future day, without this support some will struggle. The guns are racked for now but let’s get out shooting this spring and keep the industry alive.