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End of one Shooting season…

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The end of August sees the last Major of the year for the clay shooters while the Game shooters are about to get started fully.

A busy summer as seen some great results for the SP shooters with a Ladies silver at the ICTSF World Championships in Ireland and runners up position in ladies in the Prelim by the same lady Andrea Seefeldt Knight form the USA.

Closer to home John Barnet has achieved Bronze in Vets at the European DTL at Bywell after a recent switch to the SP.

There have been numerous County titles won by our shooters including Cheshire Sporttrap Champion Miles Machen with an unbeatable 94ex100, This is after his Cheshire Vets Sporting title only a few weeks earlier.

The question is often asked about the SP and Game shooting, the SP was developed with Game and Clay shooting in mind. The design is as small as we could get the SP profile with it still being effective. The profile and colour also help it to be more discreet on the Game gun and a great option for the avid Game shot. It is also important to ensure the bird is shot properly and a drifting gun due to eye dominance could see a miss to the side.

When considering the SP for Game I am often asked can it be removed or swopped between guns, we have tested various ways to make the SP removable or transferable but to ensure the cost is kept low we felt a one fit option was the best route. Magnetic options were trialled but the strength of magnet became difficult to work with and dangerous, there is no way to stop movement and the possible relocation into the barrels this could cause a huge risk to shooters.

We are now offering taping sets, but we advise to use one SP per gun with periodic inspection of the bond to ensure no damage has occurred.