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Shooting Grounds now opening

As the country begins to reopen with restrictions being lifted there are options to get on to some grounds while practicing safe social distancing.

We have adapted and moved forward where we can, A planned series of videos have been put on hold but we have been able to produce the 1st of the 3 videos to help make the shooting public aware of the SP. This will be available soon as we work with the restrictions, the 2nd and 3rd videos in the series will now be put on hold until the full lockdown is lifted and the season starts again so a planned release is likely to be later this year or into next year.

Other plans involved adding to our visual library for social media and website development. This has led to us working with a talented photographer outside the UK and where restrictions were not imposed at the time. This has meant the planned work has gone ahead and these images will start appearing on our feeds and website with a taster below.

Our US service has now improved with a partner we are working with supplying the SP direct from a US hub ensuring a quick and cheap postage option. Ordering can be done through the website like normal with the order automatically being dealt with at the US hub so nothing to worry about.